Co-chair of Facebook Oversight Board defends decision to uphold Trump ban

New York (CNN)Michael McConnell, co-chair of the Facebook Oversight Board, defended the board’s recommendation to continue the suspension of former President Donald Trump’s Facebook account over statements he made in the immediate aftermath of the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol.”This is a plain violation of Facebook’s rules against praising dangerous individuals and organizations at…

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IBM says it has created the world’s smallest and most powerful microchip

New York (CNN Business)The semiconductor industry’s constant challenge is to make microchips that are smaller, faster, more powerful and more energy efficient — simultaneously.On Thursday, IBM (IBM) announced it has created a 2-nanometer chip, the smallest, most powerful microchip yet developed.Most computer chips powering devices today use 10-nanometer or 7-nanometer process technology, with some manufacturers…

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Facebook told to investigate its role in insurrection

(CNN Business)Facebook’s independent oversight board on Wednesday upheld the company’s decision to suspend former President Donald Trump. But one of the most important aspects of the decision wasn’t really about the former President’s social media accounts at all; instead it was a recommendation for a deeper review of the role the platform played in the…

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