Sex gets complicated during the pandemic

(CNN)When the pandemic hit, couples found themselves worrying about getting sick, losing income, teaching their children at home while working full time (or worrying full time about sending them to school). It hardly makes a perfect recipe for sex. The stress has been too much for one Texas couple in their mid-40s with two children,…

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One of the leading coronavirus vaccine trials is currently paused. Prominent vaccine researchers tell CNN that’s unusual

(CNN)Vaccine clinical trials are notoriously difficult to conduct.They involve thousands, or even tens of thousands, of participants, and typically go on for years. The chances that one or more of these study volunteers will develop a health issue is quite high.Most of the time, that health problem is not related to the vaccine being investigated,…

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Covid-19 school closings linked to increase in depression and suicide, study finds

(CNN)Primary school students in China experienced more depressive symptoms and made more suicide attempts after schools closed for the pandemic, a new study found.When Covid-19 hit China in January, the Ministry of Education postponed the start of spring semester to late April. That closure separated children from their friends and their broader community network, and…

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Americans need to ‘hunker down’ this fall and winter as Covid-19 pandemic will likely worsen, Fauci says

(CNN)An influential model is predicting a catastrophic winter with a significant rise in coronavirus deaths.A possible scenario sees 415,090 Covid-19 deaths by January, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington says in its latest forecast. The worst-case scenario is 600,000 deaths by January 1.”When we look ahead into the…

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