More than 80 fact-checking organizations call out YouTube’s ‘insufficient’ response to misinformation

New York (CNN Business)A group of more than 80 fact-checking organizations from around the world has called YouTube “one of the major conduits of online disinformation and misinformation worldwide” and wants the platform to do more to address the problem. In an open letter to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki published Wednesday, the group said the…

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Space industry year ahead: SpaceX’s Mars rocket, tourism, and more billionaire battles

New York (CNN Business)If 2021 was the year of ostentatious displays of wealthy space tourists chartering one-off missions, 2022 promises to be yet another year solidifying the private sector’s grip on modern space travel.Big businesses are beginning to permeate every area of spaceflight, from the most spectacular private launches to the smallest detail. A modified…

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CES 2022: 5 takeaways from the giant tech trade show

(CNN)CES, the closely-watched annual consumer electronics show, looked drastically different this year. Sure, some things were familiar: companies showed off the latest batch of flashy TVs. The onslaught of oddball gadgets got odder. And there was no shortage of next-level health trackers, including a lightbulb that tracks how you sleep. But this year’s CES was…

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