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Stephen King: Maine Governor Is A 'Bigot, A Homophobe, And A Racist'

Posted in Politics

Novelist Stephen King called Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) a “bigot, homophobe and a racist” on Saturday, after a week in which the governor made several inflammatory remarks.

Trump Or The Trouble With Hating

Posted in Politics

Trump hate. I don't like these feelings. I don't want these feelings. I have spent a long lifetime learning - or trying to learn - forgiveness. It is the most difficult but the most desirable of emotions - for to forgive not only lifts the burden of anger and hatred from the "forgiver" but it restores to the "forgiven" the humanity that we have denied him or her, even it he or she does not deserve it.

Stephen Colbert Breaks Down Exactly Why Gandalf Doesn't Do Weddings

Posted in Media

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump exploited the death of a black mother in Chicago on Friday, saying it was a clear example of why African-Americans should vote for him.

Air Force Injustice-Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Posted in Politics

Assume you are single, and are accused of committing sexual assault during a weekend celebrating with a group of friends in New York City. You return to work, and your employer, a government contractor, tells you, that as a result of the accusation, your work-essential security clearance has been pulled.

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Travel & Tourism Explore the extraordinary secrets of the Caribean Islands.

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