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House Passes Bill Highlighting IRS Controversy

Posted in Politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House passed three bills Tuesday designed to highlight complaints that the IRS mistreated conservative political groups when they applied for tax-exempt status.

One bill makes it illegal for IRS workers to use personal email accounts to conduct official business.

Dr. Strangelove vs. ISIS

Posted in Media

In the past there have been films about the absurdity of war and political madness. The Marx Brothers explored it in the brilliant Duck Soup. The Mouse that Roared looked at a country declaring war on the United States in order to get foreign aid; Dr.

Sports Blackout Rule on Its Death Bed

Posted in Media

Last week, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Tom Wheeler wrote in an op-ed column, "The FCC shouldn't be complicit in preventing sports fans from watching their favorite teams on TV. It's time to sack the sports blackout rule for good.

Please Step On My Grass: New Adulthood in American Culture

Posted in Media

Friday morning, when I began reading A.O. Scott's, "The Death of Adulthood in American Culture," in the New York Times, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Making sure not to trip over the appearance of the word "obtuse" twice in the span of one magazine article -- forgive my editorial nitpicking; I used to do it for a living -- when you wring out the words he threw at his chosen subject, it becomes clear that Mr.

Where You Spend Your Time On Social Media Says A Lot About Your Political Beliefs

Posted in Media

With all the social media platforms out there-- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit-- it's hard to balance what we use and determine how much time we devote to each one. But did you know that where you spend the most time could also say a lot about where you stand politically?

If your favorite platform is Twitter, for example, that could be because you're a Democrat.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Manages To Connect NFL Domestic Violence Scandal To...Benghazi

Posted in Media

On Tuesday, we got some hard data about just how obsessed Fox News is with Benghazi — not that we needed much proof.

Right on cue, "Fox & Friends" host Elisabeth Hasselbeck threw another log on that fire, drawing Benghazi into the story of the NFL's domestic violence scandal:

Well done!

UPDATE: Hasselbeck responded this way:

(h/t Media Matters)

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