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New GOP Leader Won't Take Impeachment Off The Table

Posted in Politics

WASHINGTON -- Incoming House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) refused on Sunday to take impeaching President Barack Obama off the table if Obama takes executive action to limit deportations.

On "Fox News Sunday," host Chris Wallace asked Scalise, who was recently elected majority whip, if the House would consider impeachment.

'NYT' Op-Ed Militates for Higher Oil Prices and Fewer American Jobs

Posted in Media

The NYTimes Op-Ed Militates For Higher Oil Prices and Fewer American Jobs in Thursday's NYTimes Op-Ed "Let Our Oil and Gas Go"

Mr. Steven Rattner demonstrates that he lives in an oil industry induced fantasy whose preachments have seduced the public, our government, our press in the misguided belief that the price we are paying for oil through such oil based commodities as gasoline, diesel, heating oil and on, is a market derived price reflective of actual supply and demand.

Open Letter to the Korean President: 61 Years After Armistice, Democracy Is More Vital Than Ever

Posted in Politics

Open Letter To Her Excellency Park Geun-hye, President, Republic of Korea

Dear Madame President,

As someone who, during 16 years in the United States Congress, has celebrated the US-South Korean friendship and who maintains deep ties with the Korean community in the United States, I respectfully write to express my concern about the policies of your government, which are anti-democratic and which discredit the sacrifices that American soldiers made so many years ago in Korea's defense.

Race Will Continue to Haunt Rand Paul

Posted in Politics

There's good news and bad news for Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul on the thorny issue of race. First there's the good. He's far and away the only 2016 GOP prospective presidential candidate who has made even a smidgen of an effort to crack the GOP's toughest of tough sales and that's to woo black voters.

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