Cam Newton: I’m not the greatest dual threat in NFL history, Lamar Jackson is


Cam Newton ran for more touchdowns than any other quarterback in NFL history, but he does not consider himself the greatest dual threat ever to play the game.

Asked on the 4th and 1 Show whether he’s the greatest dual threat ever, Newton answered, “No. Lamar Jackson.”

Newton says that what really separates Jackson is his speed, which allows him to break more big plays than Newton did. Newton said his own specialty was power in short yardage situations, but that Jackson and Michael Vick were greater threats with their legs because they were faster.

“Lamar’s style is different than mine,” Newton said. “He’s got big plays any play. He’s got speed that I never had. And he’s just a legend. I played the game more powerful. I can run, but I’m going to probably get caught. Vick, Lamar, they ain’t getting caught.”

Newton retired with 5,628 rushing yards, the second-most for a quarterback in NFL history behind Vick, as well as his record 75 rushing touchdowns. Jackson currently has 5,258 rushing yards and 29 rushing touchdowns. Jackson has a good chance of surpassing Vick’s quarterback record of 6,109 rushing yards this season, but he’s still a long way off from Newton’s record for the most rushing touchdowns.