Convicted sex offender spotted in elementary school


HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – A convicted sex offender was able to get inside of an elementary school in Hartford.

According to an incident report, Alexander Robles got into Sarah Rawson Elementary School through an open door near the school’s loading dock.

It happened Tuesday shortly after 9:30 a.m.

Robles was first spotted inside the school by cafeteria workers.

The school safety officer found him and asked why he was there. Robles said he was in the school to use the bathroom.

Robles was instructed to leave.

He was found by an officer walking along Blue Hills Avenue, where he was arrested.

Hartford Public Schools released a statement on the incident:

“I think it’s really scary with all that’s going on,” said Alanna Johnson, a Hartford parent.

Robles was arrested in 1996 for sexual assault and released from prison in 1999 but was arrested again in 2006 on 3 counts of sexual assault.

“This building should be more secure,” said Milly Arciniegas, a Hartford parent. “Absolutely they should really look into their security protocols and work with parents.”

“Us as parents deserve to know our children are safe and protected while they are in school. They shouldn’t have to worry that a sex offender is getting into the school,” said Alanna.

Robles was charged with trespassing. He also has a failure to appear in his criminal record.

The Hartford PTO is planning to bring this to the school board’s attention at the next meeting.

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