Jill Biden says she and President Biden have ‘not yet’ discussed a possible reelection run


“Not yet. We’ve been a little bit too busy. So, not yet,” Biden said to NBC’s “Today” in a sit-down interview that aired Tuesday morning but was prerecorded Monday in Knoxville, Tennessee. “But, I’m sure it will be a discussion.”

The first lady’s remarks are the first time she has publicly indicated there has not been a determination between her and her husband about a second White House term.

    The White House has constantly indicated Biden intends to run for reelection 2024, though more recently there have been concerns among some Democrats as to whether a second-term campaign is a fait accompli. Biden’s advanced age and low approval numbers have raised questions about his viability with voters.

      CNN reported in August that a campaign is a heavy lift that not everyone in the family longs for, say two people with knowledge of internal family conversations.

        In June, Vice President Kamala Harris said in an interview that Biden’s goal is a second term.

        “The President intends to run and if he does, I will be his ticket mate. We will run together,” Harris said.

            Jill Biden’s admission that a discussion remains to be had between the first couple on President Biden’s political future is a sign the decision may not be locked in.

            “It is taxing,” said the first lady in the same interview, answering whether a long presidential campaign is something she and President Biden were ready to face. “But, you know, look at all Joe has done. He has kept true to what he said he would do. And, so, I think he just needs to keep going,” she said.