“Knox Socks” helps support families hurt by cancer


BUFFALO, N.Y. — Heading into his third year in the NFL, Buffalo Bills tight end Dawson Knox is a favorite for what he does on the field and off of it.

Since his rookie season, Knox has devoted time to the P.U.N.T Pediatric Cancer Collaborative, which provides financial and emotional support for Western New York families whose children have been diagnosed with cancer.

The foundation helps to pay for treatments, hospital bills, food, and even hospital parking.

“The more we can raise for the P.U.N.T foundation, the better these families will be,” said Knox.

The Bills star knows firsthand how a cancer diagnosis can impact the entire family, as it was once his family dealing with pediatric cancer. Knox’s cousin was diagnosed with bone cancer, but thankfully, has since beaten it.

This is the motivation that keeps him coming back to Osehi Children’s Hospital to brighten a young fan’s day.

“Being able to walk into the room and instantly get some smiles is unbelievable,” said Knox. “It’s a great feeling for myself but also knowing you can bring a little joy into someone’s life who is literally at rock bottom was a really cool feeling.”

While at the hospital, Knox noticed something. All the patients were wearing grey, non-slip hospital socks.

That observation motivated him to take the extra step and partner with Bare Feet to establish “Knox Socks.”

“I’m like, you know it already rhymes with Knox, it can be something cool that they can feel like is their own,” said Knox.

Proceeds from each pair of socks sold go to P.U.N.T.

Knox says he doesn’t design the socks, he just gives the okay. He plans on putting out more designs and even other apparel under his line to benefit the P.U.N.T foundation as well.

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