Dionne Warwick pokes fun at being mistaken for Gladys Knight at the US Open


The internet had a field day after former tennis pro and analyst Mary Carillo identified Dionne Warwick, who was sitting in the stands, as Gladys Knight. Carillo’s colleague, Chanda Rubin, also repeated the error.

Both singers were in attendance to watch Serena Williams on Wednesday — Warwick, who has become quite the Twitter star, poked some fun at the mix-up.

    “Hi, I’m Gladys Knight… and instead of taking that midnight train to Georgia, I won’t walk on by but will say a little prayer for you,” she tweeted, along with a laughing emoji and a neutral face emoji.

      Of course she was evoking Knight’s hit with the Pips, “Midnight Train to Georgia,” as well as two of her own — “Walk On By” and “I Say a Little Prayer.”

        Knight also didn’t seem bothered, tweeting, “Dionne and I have been sisters for a long time and I hope she is as honored to be mistaken for me as I would be her.”

        “I’m sure it was an honest mistake,” Knight wrote. “It was a blessing to be in the house to see Serena’s greatness.”

            Rubin also tweeted about it, writing in response to a Twitter user who said the mistake was was “unacceptable.”

            “Too bad I was initially looking at the court (where Auntie Gladys was in the stands) and not our program monitor that showed Ms. Dionne… mistake was immediately corrected,” Rubin tweeted.