Police searching for wallaby on the loose


BREWSTER, Ohio (WOIO) – Police in Stark County said the department is calling in reinforcements to help capture a wallaby on the loose.

According to Brewster Police Chief Nathan Taylor, an animal specialist is headed to the area to make sure things go safe and smooth.

Police initially thought the animal was a baby kangaroo. But late Sunday afternoon the department said the animal is a wallaby in a Facebook post.

“I thought it was just somebody seeing something that looked like that but when we got the video Friday of the kangaroo crossing the road, it was a whole different world at that time.”

The wallaby’s location is known to police, but Taylor said they are not releasing details for public safety.

Taylor said the city of Brewster does not have an ordinance prohibiting residents from owning kangaroos.

A spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) said kangaroos are not considered dangerous wild animals under Ohio Revised Code.

The ODA also said kangaroos are allowed to be owned since they do not have regulatory authority over the animals but may be restricted depending on the city they’re in.

No one should approach, hunt or search for the animal. Taylor said encounters can be dangerous, and anyone who spots the animal is asked to call police.

As of Sunday, no one has come forward to claim ownership of the kangaroo, Taylor said.

clarification: The Brewster Police Department released new information saying the animal is a wallaby and not a baby kangaroo. Our story has been updated to reflect the clarification.

This story will be updated as information is received.

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