100-year-old time capsule opened


LANSING, Mich. — It’s been nearly 100 years since the Eckert Power Station was first built, but not every one knew that there was a time capsule buried at the location. On Friday, we got to see what was inside of it.

“There’s blue prints of the plant, there were silver dollars, business cards, a copy of the city’s charter, a financial statement of the plant, there were a lot of historical things in there,” said Eckert Power Station General Manager Dick Peffley.

Before switching its name to Eckert, the plant was originally named The Moores Park Station. The time capsule was buried in 1922 when construction on the plant first began. Construction was completed in 1924.

“It was a big start to our community here,” Peffley said. “This plant was built to attract the automotive industry. BWL was right across from us so that they can get reliable energy. And 100 years ago, the plant was here and now there are new plants being built in our area because of it.”

Over 50 objects were carefully removed from the capsule, and we’re told pretty soon they may be on display for the public to view.

“We’re actually thinking about taking some of these articles and objects and putting them in a time capsule and install them in our new Delta energy Park Plant, and in 100 years, they’ll maybe still be there and you can come back and take a look at that,” Peffley said.

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