Jennifer Coolidge says playing Stifler’s mom in ‘American Pie’ helped her sex life


(CNN)Jennifer Coolidge says her memorable role in raunchy teen comedy “American Pie” came with benefits — and she’s not talking about her residual checks.

The actress, who played Jeanine Stifler (better known as Stifler’s mom) in the movie, told Variety that she “got a lot of sexual action from ‘American Pie.'”

In the movie, Coolidge’s character has a fling with her son Steve Stifler’s (Seann William Scott) classmate Paul Finch, played by Eddie Kaye Thomas.

    “There were so many benefits to doing that movie,” Coolidge said. “I mean, there would be like 200 people that I would never have slept with.”

      Coolidge also talked about her role as Tanya McQuoid on the HBO series “White Lotus,” and how the show’s creator Mike White believed she could do the role.

        “I have done one thing really right in my life,” she said. “I’ve picked great friends. If Mike was never successful, and we just did White Lotus as a play in a little theater where everyone paid 10 bucks to see it, it would still be one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. Because it was a killer job that no one else thought I could do.”

        She almost turned down that role because she thought she wasn’t in good enough shape.

          “I wanted to look a certain way when you’re on film … I was not ready for this cool opportunity. It goes to show, you should always be in the best shape because you just don’t know,” she said, adding that a friend convinced her to take the role.

            “It’s a miracle that happened. What a fluke, you know?” she said. “I just can’t believe it.”

            “White Lotus” returns for a second season in the fall.