Neighbors blame animal rescue for skunk problem


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Members of the neighborhood watch in the Saxet Heights area have been increasingly concerned with the amount of skunks that have been spotted lately. Several neighbors sid skunks been aggressive and are causing problems for their way of life.

“He doesn’t understand why the people who are usually loving on him are running from him,” Robert McCardy said, speaking about his dog, Wedo.

McCardy heads to his patio with his coffee every morning, that’s where he and Wedo had a skunk run in.

“On Wednesday of last week, when he came out with me he got sprayed by the skunk,” McCardy said. “So, I had to find a way to bath him and get rid of that smell. Then again (Wednesday), he got sprayed again (Wednesday).”

McCardy isn’t the only who’s dealt with skunk interactions as of late. Others said they have come face to face.

Estella Sanders said she’s seen many skunks, from her window, as they try to get into her trash cans.

“I don’t know what to do to protect my grandson except to keep him inside the house,” said Sanders. “Is that fair for me and is that fair for him?”

“There are neighbors who haven’t seen skunks ever in this neighborhood. 65 years no skunks,” said Scott Harris, another concerned neighbor.

These neighbors, think, they know what the problem is. There’s a wildlife rescue in the neighborhood.

The owner of the rescue declined an interview, but she told KRIS 6 News she cares for animals like skunks, squirrels, opossums and more. She’s done this in several places over the years.

“There’s really only one person who has skunks or keep skunks and now they’re run amok across the entire neighborhood and they’re affecting residents, they’re affecting other pets,” Harris said.

“There’s no way these skunks are coming from somewhere else,” A concerned citizen said, who declined to use her real name. “It’s obvious with the timing on her Facebook page and the timing of the skunks appearing for the first time ever in this neighborhood.

But…the owner of this wildlife rescue said she has never released her animals back into the neighborhood. She said they are taken to other animal facilities or far outside the city.

That same concerned citizen said they would like the help from this wildlife rescue to fix their problem.

“Help us get the skunks out of the neighborhood and relocate them for us,” the concerned citizen said. “We don’t know how to do it. I did tag her. I did attempt to contact her through a post and I tagged her in it.”

All the neighbors that spoke to KRIS 6 News said they have never seen the owner of the rescue, in person, with her animals. They’ve only seen her social media posts.

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