High school students protest for abortion rights


ANDOVER, Kan. (KAKE) – Thursday Andover High School students staged a walkout and rally for abortion rights at 1:30, they say it’s in light of recent attacks on Roe v. Wade, and dozens of students from all different grades  joined in even in the heat and humidity.

They may be young, but their voices rang loud as they marched with a megaphone in hand. 

“I believe we are the future. And we can make a lot of change,” said Alexis Brown, an Andover High School junior.  

Dozens of students from Andover High gathered with signs that read, “My body, my choice,” and “Men of quality don’t fear equality,” on the sidewalk right in front of the school in protest.

“We did a walkout at 1:30 from the school and then we walked over here to do a protest on abortion rights,” said Megan, another Andover High junior. 

Megan and Alexis Brown helped organize the protest. 

They say this is part of a bigger movement going on across the country to raise awareness about people’s rights to reproductive health care.

“We were just kind of inspired to, like, continue the advocacy, especially in school,” said Brown. 

Students made posters and bracelets Wednesday in preparation for the protest, making their mission known.

Both girls say they were happy with the turnout and are also urging all young Kansans to register to vote and to vote no on August 2nd, when a constitutional amendment putting limits on abortion in the state goes to a vote.

“We want to make sure people have the choice and the safety to do it. The U.S. banning abortions bans safe abortions, people will still do it,” said Megan. 

“I was very, like feeling helpless and like, betrayed kind of by my government, but like, now I’m feeling empowered to like actually step up and do something and make the change that I want to see,” said Brown. 

The principal of Andover High School also sent out a statement to parents this week about the protest. In it he said the school recognizes the constitutional rights of the students to participate, but he and the school doesn’t endorse or promote this demonstration or any other.

Students could also be subject to disciplinary action for the unexcused absences if they left class in the middle of the day.