Girl beats leukemia, gives back to charities


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) – Elaina Guerra spent Wednesday setting an example we can all learn from.

What would a typical 8-year-old girl wish for? A trip to Disney? Maybe a beach day or an ultimate backyard playhouse?

Elaina, a leukemia survivor, has bigger dreams, only she is the one making them come true.

Make-A-Wish is used to granting wishes focused on “to have/go/meet.”

“To give” is a unique request, but that’s what Elaina wants.

Susana Guerra, Elaina’s mother, said she was initially taken aback at her daughter’s wish. Father Nick Guerra chimed in:

“A really proud moment and, at the same time, like are you sure?” he said.

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Elaina is 8-years-old and wise beyond her years. She’s a leukemia survivor who got to make her @MakeAWishMOKAN wish come true. She spent the day giving back & making others’ dreams come true

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— Carolina Cruz (@carolinakctv5) April 20, 2022

Elaina told Make-A-Wish that she had her health and family, everything she needed. So, she made a selfless wish.

“She kept saying ‘I just want to spread love, hope and faith,’” Susana recalled.

For months, people from across the Midwest made donations to meet a range of needs. And Elaina has arranged for those to be distributed among 15 charities in the Kansas City metro area.

“I just love helping people and, when I do it, it makes me happy,” she said.

Elaina Guerra, a leukemia survivor, has made it her wish to give back to charitable organizations in the Kansas City metro.(KCTV5 staff)

Wednesday was a long time coming. Elaine made her first wish three years ago. Happy and healthy now, Elaina is waiting for her five-year mark in remission.

And her greater wish? To inspire others to give, not just today, but in life.

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