83-year-old owner has run donut shop for decades


CHICAGO (CBS)– Buritt Bulloch, 83, has been baking delicious donuts for decades in Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood. 

“Old Fashioned Donuts,” located at 112th Street and Michigan Avenue, has been around for more than five decades. 

Bulloch says the secret sauce to his success is simple, hard work.

“Being on time, keeping everything moving, people keep coming. They can rely on me,” Bulloch said. “I’m 83 years old, work six days a week. 83. I’ll be 84 in October.”

He said he’s just a hard worker. 

“I love to make donuts, keep people smiling, serving a good product,” he said. 

One customer told CBS 2, “these are the best donuts in the city.” She said “they melt in your mouth.”

Bulloch says he sees the same faces every day. 

“They keep coming back,” he said. “A lot of people from up north come here. All over.”

His loyal customers call him Mister B. 

They say “Old Fashioned” isn’t just a name, it’s the way he runs his business and his life.

“Some days I cut 350 pounds of dough yeast with a rolling pin,” He said. “There’s a lot of new technology out there, but I just keep doing it the old way. I pay my bills by check.”

That old school work ethic goes way back for Bulloch.

“I was born in the south. I came from a family, we all cooked. We all worked,” He said. “Back in the forties and fifties, you worked to eat. I know what it’s like. I just keep the train going.”

That train’s kept on running through all the changes he’s seen in his South Side neighborhood.

But “Mister B” remains optimistic.

“The area’s gone down a bit, but I think it’s gonna come back as long as the street’s open, people are gonna come for donuts,” Bulloch said. 

Thomas, a loyal customer, feels at home in Bulloch’s shop.

“It’s a home feeling. It’s a place you’re used to going to,” Thomas said. “The food is always good, the people are always smiling. That’s what i love about it.”

“Mister B” says the shop sells 250 dozen donuts a day.