Bob Odenkirk would like to be more like Bob Saget


(CNN)Following what he calls a “heart incident,” actor Bob Odenkirk is looking to another famous Bob for a new way to live.

The “Better Call Saul” star talked about his collapse on set following a heart attack last year in a conversation on the “Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist” podcast.

Odenkirk said the death of “Full House” and “Fuller House” actor and comedian Bob Saget, who was found dead in his Orlando, Florida, hotel in January at the age of 65, has influenced him.

    “I only met [Saget] one time and he really was a genuinely sweet guy who cared about other people,” Odenkirk said. “And you could have a brief conversation with him and feel very connected very quickly. I would like to try to be a little more like him as I move forward.”

      Saget’s cause of death was determined to be “blunt head trauma,” according to the autopsy report released by the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office.