Taron Egerton says he’s fine after fainting on stage


(CNN)Taron Egerton offered an update after recently collapsing on stage.

The “Rocketman” actor fainted Saturday during the first performance of his play “Cock,” a story about a love triangle being staged at the Ambassadors Theatre in London.

“As some of you may have heard, I passed out during the first performance of COCK last night,” Egerton wrote in a statement posted on the Instagram Story portion of his verified Instagram account. “I am completely fine. Slightly sore neck and a bruised ego but I am fine.”

    Egerton joked about putting a “positive spin” on the incident and wrote that he would appreciate that anyone who attended the performance would just say that he gave “such a committed, electrified performance” that his “body couldn’t handle it and checked out.”

      He also praised his understudy, Joel Harper Jackson, “who stepped in to do the last bit of the play.”

        “Joel is an amazing actor and a lovely person,” Egerton wrote. “Thank you Joel.”