‘Outlander’ Season 6 premiere had some big moments


(CNN)The new season of “Outlander” picked up right where Season 5 left off.

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) had survived a kidnapping and assault, and is back with Jamie (Sam Heughan) but more drama was right around the corner.

Fraser’s Ridge is headed for a revolution.

    The beginning of the episode jumped back to 1753, when Jamie arrives at Ardsmuir prison following the Jacobite uprising. Governor Harry Quarry (Jay Villiers) allows Jamie to become a freemason and transform the prison to a lodge.

      The episode then flashes forward to 1773, where Claire is sleeping in North Carolina but Jamie can’t wake her up at first. She later admits she can produce ether, which put her in a deep sleep.

        Jamie reveals that Major McDonald wants him to help relations with the Cherokee tribe, but Claire wants him to say no. He agrees, but eventually changes his mind.

        Jamie also begins following Claire everywhere and doesn’t believe she has recovered following the trauma of her kidnapping, despite her saying she has.

            Jamie invites Ardsmuir friends to join him in Fraser’s Ridge and Christie and his two children, Malva (Jessica Reynolds) and Allan (Alexander Vlahos), come along.

            The episode ends with Claire inhaling more ether after a nightmare about her attack, suggesting she is not feeling as well as she insists.