Regina Spektor speaks out against Russia’s attacks on Ukraine


(CNN)Singer Regina Spektor is speaking out amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

“Today my heart hurts because no matter how many great works of art and music (Guernica…. Masters Of War… Most of Okudzhava and Vysotsky… Vonnegut… Remarque… all those films in all those languages…) portray the horrors of war, new Masters of War seem to rise up again in all the nations… Sending new children to slaughter each other,” Spektor wrote on Instagram.

Spektor was born in Moscow and left with her family in 1989 to move to New York. She was a 9-year-old when they emigrated as refugees. Spektor went on to study classical piano at the Manhattan School of Music as well as the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College. She rose to fame with her hit single “Fidelity” in 2006.

    “There were, and still are, real Nazis in the world,” Spektor added. “But in Ukraine that are just millions of civilians being pulled into a war, and in Russia there are children being sent to fight and die for no reason other than the bottomless and horror filled ‘more more more more more more more’ of politicians and corporations. And it’s terrifying.”

      Spektor is one of many celebrities who have spoken out against the war, including actress Vera Farmiga, whose family is Ukrainian, and “Dancing with the Stars” pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who is currently in Ukraine.