Father speaks out after death of 4 y/o son


The father of a 4-year-old boy is speaking out for the first time since he found out about the death of his son. 

According to Mobile Police, the child identified as King Lyons, was found dead last week.

Both the caregiver and his 9-year-old sister were charged in connection to his death.

A 9 year-old girl is facing a criminal charge in connection with the death of her 4 year-old brother.

Those shocking details coming to light in brand new court documents.

Now the father Ronald Lyons just wants the person responsible for his son’s death to be held accountable.

“That’s my baby, that’s my heart man,” Lyons said. “I love that boy. I love him to death, only boy I got. That’s my only young child, young boy I got.”

Lyons says he tragically found out about King’s death by watching tv. 

“I found out watching the news. I seen the news but I didn’t know that was my child,” Lyons said. “And then when that house popped up…I said tell me that ain’t my son.” 

His caregiver Yolanda Coale was arrested the next day and charged with aggravated child abuse.

Coale was in court Wednesday morning.

Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich says Coale should never be around another child.

“I’m hoping that she never has access to children…ever,” Rich said. “Because she doesn’t need to have access to children again.”

But Yolanda Coale’s daughter, Richalyn, sees things differently.

She says her mother not only took care of King, but his nine-year-old sister as well.

“Didn’t nobody want them. So my mama took them in,” Richalyn said. “Whatever she did to get them kids back together she was strong. And she did that because she wanted them to be brought up together.”

Court documents revealed that Yolanda Coale woke up to the sound of King’s 9-year-old sister allegedly beating little King with a broomstick.

The 9-year-old is charged with assault.

Ronald Lyons says he didn’t agree with Coale taking custody of the kids.

He says it was a decision the child’s mother made.

“Man I’ve been trying to do everything man. I didn’t know where my son was I mean I went crazy,” Lyons said. “I mean when you working and trying to make money, she ain’t have to give them away cause we was doing good. I’m 52 man why it couldn’t be me besides him.” 

No one has been charged with killing King Lyons.

The District Attorney says they are still waiting on the autopsy results.

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