North Texans’ gravitating toward ‘tiny homes’


FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The “tiny house” trend is becoming more popular across North Texas, according to those who build them and those who live in them.

Peter Huggler, and his wife Christina Wester own Indigo River Trinity Homes.

They build tiny houses and say they are currently sold out of them.

A new home order from them, currently could take anywhere from seven to nine months to build from scratch.

“Tiny homes are my passion. I love small buildings,” said Huggler.

The couple showed CBS 11 around a model home that was just slightly bigger than 200 square feet, where they see every inch of it is deliberately designed to maximize space.

The house had a second floor loft just big enough to fit a queen-sized mattress.

It also included a small kitchen with a full-sized sink and appliances, and an apartment-sized bathroom.

“Every bit of space is very intentional and thought out,” said Wester.

On the north end of the Metroplex in Lake Dallas, sits the Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village.

It’s about an acre in size and currently houses 13 tiny homes parked into separate lots.

All of the lots are occupied and the residents range in demographics, age, professions, and they aren’t all singles.

Rick Shon, his two kids, wife, and pets have been living in a 375-square foot tiny home in the village since 2019.

He said the main reason for him and his family doing it was to downsize and simplify their life.

It brings us closer together just by virtue of your proximity,” said Shon.

There is another reason, too.

One that many newcomers to tiny home-living cite as the reason for them doing it, and it’s all about affordability.

The tiny homes at the Lake Dallas village cost between $50,000 and $100,000 to build.

“Being able to downsize and sort of whittle away at the things are not that important and focus more on the things that are important,” said Shon. “Your family and your own financial freedom.”

The homes might be tiny, but builders and dwellers all say the movement to switch to tiny is growing, perhaps bigger than ever.

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Ken Molestina