Discover festival delicacies in Punjab, India


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One of your favorite series from CNN is now available in your favorite podcast app. Join world-renowned chef, bestselling author and Emmy winner Anthony Bourdain to discover Parts Unknown: little-known destinations and diverse cultures that make our global community more connected. Start from the beginning in Myanmar, and listen through the series conclusion on the Lower East Side in New York City. New episodes drop each week.

  • Las Vegas

    Bourdain travels to Las Vegas, a city known for over-indulgence, with food author Michael Ruhlman and visits locales that include Huntridge Tavern, in the shadow of the strip, and famed restauranté by Jose Andres. Original airdate: 2014, Season 3

  • Punjab

    Bourdain visits Amritsar, sampling cuisine at roadside restaurants, a Gurpurab festival, and a free community restaurant. Original Airdate: 2014, Season 3

  • Detroit

    Few cities have experienced the dramatic economic rise and fall of Detroit. A look at the glory days of the past, and the promise of the future.   Original airdate: 2013, Season 2.

  • Tokyo

    Bourdain is in search of Tokyo’s dark, extreme underside. It will be surprising, and at times shocking.   Original airdate: 2013, Season 2.

  • South Africa

    Bourdain visits the Johannesburg suburb of Hillbrow and spends a day in the life of a taxi driver, discovering the culture and, of course food, that makes up modern day Johannesburg.   Original airdate: 2013, Season 2

  • Sicily

    Bourdain visits Sicily. When he goes fishing for his supper, he learns that everything is not what it seems, especially when it has eight legs. He also seeks out a grandma to make him a home-cooked meal.   Original airdate: 2013, Season 2.

  • Copenhagen

    The food and natural beauty of Copenhagen, the economic and cultural center of Denmark. Home to famed chef Rene Redzepi and his brainchild Noma – regarded by critics as one of the world’s best restaurants.   Original airdate: 2013, Season 2.

  • New Mexico

    New Mexico has the largest Hispanic population per capita in the US. A combination of Spanish, Mediterranean, Mexican, Pueblo and even Chuck-Wagon influences. But New Mexico is also a land of drugs, guns, monster vehicles, aliens and more guns.   Original airdate: 2013, Season 2.

  • Spain

    Bourdain visits Andalucia during Semana Santa, Holy Week, the week before Easter, a time filled with great pageantry and excitement. Bourdain’s longtime DP who lived in Granada, Zach Zamboni, implored Bourdain to come visit for years.   Original airdate: 2013, Season 2.

  • Jerusalem

    The first trip to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. While the political situation is often tense between the people here, Anthony Bourdain focuses on local chefs, home cooks, writers and amateur foodies. This trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories was recorded in 2012.  Original airdate: 2013, Season 2