Detectives find freezer with human remains


NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – The man taken into custody after a missing person investigation uncovered a woman’s frozen torso previously posted photos with guns, knives, and a fictional serial killer.

Benjamin Beale, also known as Kelley Kirkpatrick, was taken into custody after a search warrant was executed on his property.

Detectives say they followed an extension cord out of his back door leading to a padlocked bus. Inside the bus was a freezer with human remains in it, court documents say.

Headless torso in freezer found in man’s backyard

Micah Dardar believes those remains belong to his estranged wife, Julia, who he says fell into drug addiction after meeting Beale.

Julia Dardar was reported missing in December.(WVUE/NOPD)


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Headless torso in freezer, bloody power saw found at home of Ninth Ward man, NOPD says in court documents

Human remains found on Ninth Ward man’s property; arrest made

In November of 2021, a little over a month before Dardar was reported missing, Beale posted a photo with a sticker of the fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan on it. In the popular Showtime crime drama “Dexter,” the main character kills his victims, chops them up, puts them in garbage bags, and dumps them off the side of his boat.

In the first season of the show, Dexter hunts the “Ice Truck Killer” who drains his victims’ blood before keeping their bodies in a refrigerated truck.

In a profile picture from November of 2021, Benjamin Beale elected to use a Dexter Morgan frame, a popular fictional serial killer from Showtime’s “Dexter.”(Facebook)

Other photos show Beale in a white disposable jumpsuit with goggles on holding a gun.

“Steer the f*** clear if you know what’s good,” the caption reads in part.

A year prior, Beale posted a photo of an alligator skinned, cleaned, and quartered with a large knife.

Photos posted to social media by Benjamin Beale, also known as Kelley Kirkpatrick, show him holding a gun, cleaning an alligator with a knife, and depicting a fictional serial killer who chops up his victims.(Facebook)

Beale is currently being held on a $400,000 bond for obstruction of justice involving a death, among gun and drug charges.

Officials have not identified the remains found in the freezer in his backyard.

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