Ben Affleck doesn’t regret ‘Gigli.’ After all, he met Jennifer Lopez


(CNN)“Gigli” may have bombed at the box office and the film became the punchline for many a joke, but Ben Affleck is choosing to look at the bright side.

In an Entertainment Weekly interview with his BFF Matt Damon, Affleck talked about the 2003 film which put him in the loss column for awhile, but also left him winning since it costarred his former and now current love, Jennifer Lopez.

“[Gigli] didn’t work and we did five weeks of reshoots, which we knew were not gonna work,” Affleck said. “It was a movie that didn’t work….Interestingly, I learned more about directing on that movie than anything else because Marty [Brest, “Gigli’ director] is a brilliant director, really gifted.”

    Also, Affleck believes that “for being a movie that’s such a famous bomb and a disaster, very few people actually saw the movie.”

      Yet, he also said that if the movie hadn’t flopped “I probably wouldn’t have ultimately decided, ‘I don’t really have any other avenue but to direct movies,’ which has turned out to be the real love of my professional life.”

        Affleck has gone on to direct several films, including “Argo,” which won a best picture Academy Award.

          Plus, Affleck got the girl in the end.

            “And I did get to meet Jennifer, the relationship with whom has been really meaningful to me in my life,” he said.