Cyber Ninjas, company that oversaw the partisan Arizona election review, is shuttering


(CNN)The Cyber Ninjas firm that oversaw the problem-plagued review of the 2020 results in Arizona’s Maricopa County is shuttering.

Rod Thomson, a representative for the Cyber Ninjas, confirmed to CNN that company is shutting down. Thomson said, “$2 million debt from the Arizona audit and endless legal and character attacks on the company by those who opposed the audit make it untenable moving forward.”

The Cyber Ninjas, which faced months of criticism over the audit’s shoddy practices and partisan roots, has encountered a new round of headaches recently.

    Officials in Maricopa County this week released a detailed rebuttal of the claims the Cyber Ninjas made casting doubt on the validity of ballots. After assessing the Cyber Ninjas’ findings, county officials concluded that 76 of their 77 claims were false or misleading.

      Meantime, a judge in Arizona’s Maricopa County Thursday held the company in contempt and ordered it to pay $50,000 per day in sanctions for failing to provide records related to the so-called audit to the Arizona Republic, according to a report in the Republic.

        Thomson said the decision to shut down was made “well before” the judge’s ruling.