Jails starts issuing tablets to inmates


DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown is looking to help jail inmates have better outcomes when they go back into society by providing them computer tablets while they are incarcerated.

The hand-held devices offer the incarcerated population access to digital communication and media services, as well as reentry and education resources, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office explained in a news release.

The tablets are a secure and specifically designed for incarcerated individuals within a jail or prison.

The tablets come pre-loaded with a variety of applications for education to assist with rehabilitation, limited communication with family and friends, entertainment, and job placement.

Dallas County Jail inmate with tablet (credit: Dallas County Sheriff’s Office)

They connect to a secure private network, which won’t allow the inmates to have access to the internet but will permit them to exchange electronic messages, via an approved account, with loved ones.

“Until now, an inmate’s connection with the outside world was limited to phone calls, mail, and in-person visitation,” said Sheriff Brown in a statement. The COVID-19 pandemic restricted that even further. That’s when we began looking closer at the tablets offered by Securus Technologies. We are confident the tablets will benefit incarcerated individuals while also creating a safer correctional community overall.”

The tablets also allow for individuals to work on their personal development through applications such as eBooks, podcasts, education videos and job searches. Inmates can also file grievances on the tablets. In addition to communications services, the tablets are equipped with media applications. With the applications at hand, detainees are able to utilize their time productively. This aids in reducing infractions within the facilities.

Sheriff Brown said the tablets represent a novel approach to improve security, morale, and education in the Dallas County Jail.

A consistent connection to the outside world might also reduce recidivism, the news release said.

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