‘SNL’ took on TikTok with brutal accuracy


(CNN)TikTok served as a source of hilarious fodder on this weekend’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

The show satirized people TikTok-trying-way-too hard on the social media platform and it was was brutally accurate.

The video sketch started with a text from a dad (Alex Moffat) asking his teenager to take out the trash, but they’re lost in their feed. What follows is an only slightly exaggerated four-minute scroll through TikTok.

    You can watch here or read a list of all the ways “SNL” reminded us we are very effective at mindlessly scrolling to escape responsibility.

      • Kenan Thompson as self-defense “expert” sharing safety tips.
      • A helpless cat subjected to a crazy filter.
      • Chloe Fineman as a QAnon member finding clues in Blake Lively’s Met Gala gown.
      • A cute dog.
      • A baby playing harmonica.
      • Host and musical guest Billie Eilish in scrubs, playing a twerking nurse.
      • Chris Redd playing a guy doing the most to thirst trap, only to be interrupted by his mom.
      • People fighting.
      • People dancing.
      • Kyle Mooney as an overly enthusiastic Spider-Man fan, talking about a new trailer.
      • More babies.
      • More cats.
      • Aidy Bryant as a very sex-positive but spelling-challenged woman, spending some time in the mirror.
      • Heidi Gardner sharing the breakfast routine of a mom to eight boys.
      • A drunk man.
      • A golfer.
      • Andrew Dismukes offering an acoustic guitar cover of Flo Rida’s “Low.”
      • A random guy.
      • A woman with a pink bag and a cute dog in it.
      • Bowen Yang playing a guy feeding his feelings.
      • More thirst trapping, more twerking.
      • Melissa Villasenor playing a young women who will come to regret her oversharing.
      • Cameo by Billie Eilish’s brother, Finneas, throwing it back to “Old Town Road.”
      • People pushing a truck on the beach.
      • A freaky man impersonating Homer Simpson for “The Simpsons” ASMR audience.
      • A cute dog in the snow.
      • Another self-defense tutorial from Thompson gone way wrong.
      • Punkie Johnson playing a woman very fired up about her “Moana” Sketchers.
      • Bryant returns for more mirror talk and a makeover reveal.
      • Pete Davidson as way wrong twins.
      • Kate McKinnon suggesting a scroll break, “maybe sip some water, read any book, talk to a human.”
      • Another adorable dog.
      • Mickey Day doing his best impression of a White guy in a beanie talking about White-guy struggles.
      • More dogs.
      • More couples.
      • Dad now calling to make sure the trash is being taken out.
      • Aristotle Athari getting heckled at a stand-up show.
      • Dad posts TikTok video, titled “When your kid won’t take out the trash.”
      • Bryant’s character and Mooney’s character get together.
      • Dismukes returns with an acoustic Lil Wayne cover.
      • Eilish’s patient “pulls through and throws it down.”