Family of Astroworld victim want answers


HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The number of lawsuits in the Astroworld tragedy continues to grow. One of the latest lawsuits was filed by the family of 23-year-old Rudy Peña.

Rudy Peña died from injuries he sustained during the Astroworld Festival concert on Nov. 5. More than three weeks later, his family still has so many unanswered questions.

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“It’s hard because he wasn’t supposed to die like that,” said his sister Jennifer Peña. “He was special. He was bright. He would smile. He was a happy person. That’s why it hurts.”

Driven and positive, Rudy’s sister told ABC13 he had a bright future. He worked and went to school, studying criminal justice. He eventually wanted to work for Border Patrol.

“He was an inspiring person,” Jennifer said during the family’s visit to Houston. “He would brighten our hearts every day.”

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His family still does not definitively know what killed Rudy. It is one of many questions they have, and it is a lack of resolution that haunts them.

“We need an answer,” Jennifer said. “That’s what we need.”

The Peña family filed a suit citing unsafe conditions. Their attorneys confirm that Travis Scott’s lawyer did reach out in writing and offered to pay for Rudy’s funeral, as well as meet personally with the family. They have not had time to respond to either offer, as they are too busy grieving a loss they still cannot comprehend.

“More will be learned about who did what, who didn’t take action,” said attorney Valeria Cortinas Fisher. “As a result, Rudy and nine other people lost their lives.”

Theirs is among the hundreds of lawsuits with thousands of plaintiffs. As of Monday, more than 270 lawsuits were listed on the Harris County District Court website. The civil investigation is expanding as the criminal investigation pushes forward. Houston police told ABC13 Monday afternoon they have no updates but are still the lead agency.

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“With both, the civil and criminal side going forth at the same time there is so much information,” said Rosendo Almaraz, another attorney representing the Peña family. “So many parties involved that working cohesively and contributing to each other’s investigations I think will produce more than likely similar results.”

As they await some sort of resolution on the criminal or civil side, all the Peña family can do is mourn the loss of a young man who had so much potential, who went to a concert and never came home.

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