Justice Breyer rejects request to block Massachusetts hospital’s vaccine mandate


(CNN)Justice Stephen Breyer rejected a request on Monday that the Supreme Court block the vaccine mandate being implemented by the large Massachusetts hospital system, Mass General Brigham.

The request that the Supreme Court intervene in the case was brought by employees of the Mass General Brigham, who submitted their application with Breyer last week. The court on Monday announced that Breyer had denied the request with a one-line notice, which gave no indication that the matter had been referred to the rest of the court. Breyer also did not request any additional briefing before rejecting the employees’ request.

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As Massachusetts’ largest private employer, Mass General Brigham’s vaccine mandate covers some 80,000 employees, according to the hospital’s website. The mandate went into effect on November 5, and non-compliant employees have been terminated, the challengers to the mandate said in their filing with Breyer last week.

    The request was filed with Breyer because he oversees the circuit from where the lawsuit arises.