Parent says her son was pepper sprayed at school


Student safety has been called into question after an incident at a Genesee County school.

Last week a fight broke out at Flint Southwestern Classical Academy. Parents said to break up-the scuffle a police officer pepper sprayed the crowd of students with the chemical irritant affecting students not involved in the altercation.

“No kid should ever have to be maced, especially when they’ve done nothing wrong,” said Betty Nostrand.

Nostrand said her 15-year-old son Charles was pepper sprayed at Flint Southwestern Classical Academy. She said he was making his way to the school bus on Friday when a fight broke out in the hallway.

Her son told her a Flint police officer pepper sprayed students without warning to break it up.

“Afterwards they were told to all get onto buses. No medical attention no nothing just get on the bus,” Nostrand said.

Nostrand said the bus ride to her home is about 25 to 30 minutes. That’s how long her son suffered irritated, burning eyes.

“He came running into the house screaming “It hurts” and I immediately started pouring milk over it and water and cold compresses,” Nostrand said.

Nostrand said the incident was especially concerning to her because her son is a special needs student who once had asthma and other breathing issues. She said when the school notified parents of what happened they left out the part about students being maced.

“I’m very upset,” Nostrand said.

Superintendent Kevelin Jones issued a statement acknowledging that police were called to break up the fight. Saying the safety and well-being of the school community is a primary concern and that the school followed safety protocols including lockdown while police handled the incident.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the school board entertained ideas to prevent a repeat of what happened Friday.

As for Charles, his mother said he is traumatized.

“He tried to go back but psychologically he’s just,” Nostrand said.

Nostrand said she is debating switching schools. Adding she wants the district to make this right.

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