Killer set for parole; family tries to stop it


REDFORD, Mich. (WXYZ) — A mother and daughter are stabbed to death 30 years ago in Redford between Christmas and New Year’s.

It is still painful for the family as Robert Miles avoided life in prison by pleading guilty to Second Degree Murder. He is now scheduled to be released on parole next month.

Crystal Kneeshaw is again trying to keep it from happening.

“They said that he’s going to get out December 28, which is exactly one day before the 30-year anniversary of the murders of my mom and sister. It makes me feel sick,” she tells 7 Action News.

We first talked with Crystal 5 years ago when Miles was up for parole for good behavior in prison.

She told us then about her mother under attack, “She said that if I could get help, that they would be alright. She wouldn’t die. I went and got help. He went back into the house and stabbed her 18 more times.”

Crystal was only 15 at the time. Miles, who was 19 and her boyfriend, also came at her she said in 2016, “He attacked me in the front yard and it was deep snow and he choked me and I remember seeing stars.”

Now in 2021, Chrystal has been informed Miles has been granted parole. His prison sentence was 30 to 60 years for pleading guilty to Second Degree Murder.

“In 2018, the Wayne County prosecutors, three of them, showed up and apologized in front of the parole board and said they failed me and that he should have never gotten Second Degree murder.”

Crystal says she hasn’t communicated with Miles.

“I don’t need the answers because I don’t think he can give me an answer. Because he’s mentally not right,” she says.

State corrections officials tell us Miles was granted parole because the Parole Board has no substantial means 30 years later to keep him locked up.

Crystal says, “I’m fearful. I saw. I’m 44 years old and I still have nightmares.”

The Wayne County Prosecutor is working with Crystal going to court to try to stop the planned release and appeal the parole board decision.

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