Victim of mass shooting speaks about his injury


CHICAGO (CBS) — No arrests in the Fulton River neighborhood shoot-out from earlier this week.

As police search for those responsible, more innocent, four injured bystanders are sharing their stories. One man who was on his bicycle spoke only to CBS 2’s Jermont Terry.

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The guy you’re about to meet was simply biking when he was caught in the crossfire.

In a text to his mother, he writes about his injury.

“My leg is numb but I think I’m ok.”

It was sent just moments after T.J. Kory realized the magnitude of what he experienced while biking this week on Milwaukee in the Fulton River District.

“They came up from behind me,” Kory said. “It almost just felt numb to me. I wasn’t sure what happened at first.”

T.J. now knows he was one of five people shot when people in two cars began shooting at one another. A gunman was hanging out of a vehicle firing.

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“I could hear more gunfire going on down past me,” Kory said. “I immediately just got down on the ground. Yet 10 seconds later, there were more cars and people walking up and they didn’t realize what happened.”

The shootout in the West Loop left so many frightened. T.J. is one who ended up in the hospital.

“I think I’m incredibly lucky,” he said. “The bullet entered right here and it lodged into my upper thigh.”

Doctors did not remove the bullet.

“What I’ve been told by the doctors if your going to get shot, the butt is the place to get shot. Missed everything important as far as what could have happened, I think I’m incredibly blessed,” Kory said.

As police look for shooters, T.J. won’t be riding his bicycle anytime soon, but he refuses to stay scared.

“It’s crazy and sad it happened, but it doesn’t change how I feel about the city or being here,” Kory said.

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No one is in custody.

Jermont Terry