Cheryl Burke’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ partner Cody Rigsby tests positive for Covid


(CNN)“Dancing with the Stars” contestant Cody Rigsby has tested positive with a breakthrough case of Covid-19.

Rigsby’s diagnosis comes days after his partner Cheryl Burke revealed she had tested positive and would be unable to perform live since she would be in quarantine.

The two appeared on “Good Morning America” on Friday to announce they would continue to compete on the show while they recovering, dancing virtually and separately.

    “I’m feeling okay,” Rigsby said. “I’m so excited to dance for Britney week on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ one way or the other.”

      “We’re going to be doing it from the comfort of our own home,” Burke said. “Look at that. I’ve turned our living room into a ballroom.”

        Rigsby, a popular Peloton instructor, revealed he had tested positive on Instagram Thursday, writing, “I have really mild symptoms: Congestion, a little bit of a headache, cough. But in comparison to when I had COVID earlier this year, it is night and day, so that must be the vaccine and antibodies working—we’re super grateful for that.”

        He added that he will be taking a break to rest.

          “To properly rest and recover as well as avoid exposing others, I will be taking a break in the coming days. I appreciate all your support and I’ll be back as soon as I am ready,” he wrote.

          Burke had talked about her own symptoms earlier in the week, and says she too has a breakthrough case.

            “I’m fully vaccinated, fully Moderna vaccinated,” she said in a video she posted to social media. “Blood type, in case anyone is wondering, O positive and I could still have COVID. This is crazy. OK, wish me luck.”

            This past week on “DWTS” Burke and Rigsby used a recorded practice session to stay in the contest.