Witnesses describe seeing man clinging to semi


ATLANTA (CBS46) — Several videos surfaced over the weekend of an unidentified shirtless man hitching rides on the exterior of multiple semi-trucks Friday as they traveled down Atlanta area highways.

The unidentified man was wearing a durag, had a surgical mask around his neck, and was holding onto the outside side-mirror of the cab of the truck with one hand and was using the other to hold what appeared to be a tobacco product as the trucks rolled down Interstate 85 South for miles.

That same man was later seen in a different video on a different truck crossing county lines from Dekalb into Gwinnett.

“I just shook my head,” said one woman who witnessed the daredevil on I-85 South in Gwinnett County. “The things I see go on in Atlanta do not surprise me.”

“What is going on man?” said a shocked Tuvoris Thomas as he recorded video of the man in Dekalb County.

Surprisingly, this was not the only incident of extreme stunts involving motor-vehicles captured on video Friday. Gabrielle Rudd was surprised to see a man hanging onto the back of a MARTA bus driving down Lindsey Drive in Bankhead late Friday night, right before grabbing her phone and beginning to record the dangerous stunt. 

“It looked like he was just having a free ride or something,” said Rudd.  “I don’t know what was going on, but he rode for a good distance.” 

MARTA released a statement to CBS46 regarding the incident:

MARTA discourages this type of behavior because not only is it extremely dangerous, it’s illegal. We encourage all customers to ride inside the bus, while wearing a mask. Customers seeking a reduced ride should contact MARTA’s Reduced Fare Office. MARTA Police Detectives will review any available footage to see if they can identify the person and possibly file charges.”

I have never seen anything like this this is crazy,” added Rudd. “Only in Atlanta do you see something like this going on.”

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