Org works to protect dogs from the high heat


INDIANAPOLIS — The recent high temperatures in central Indiana mean it’s not only dangerous and uncomfortable for us to be outdoors, but also for our pets.

Friends of Indianapolis Dogs, also known as FIDO, has been going to neighborhoods this week to make sure dog owners know the city ordinance when it comes to protecting their animals from the high heat.

When the temperature hits 90, you need to bring your dogs indoors and into a building between 40 and 80 degrees.

“There’s a heat advisory for people and that includes these dogs, they can’t oftentimes, especially if they’re tethered, or they’re in a small pen, they have no place to go, they rely on their people to get them out of this heat and into temperatures where they are comfortable,” FIDO Executive Director Darcie Kurtz said. “We just encourage everyone to bring them in your house. If you’ve got to put them in your basement, that’s way better than being out in this heat.”

FIDO also provides outreach and assistance to pet owners. This week, for example, they helped a woman get an affordable fence for her three dogs.

If you need help caring for your dogs, you can call the FIDO helpline at 317-221-1314.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services is hosting an event this weekend to help pets find their forever homes.

A Late Night Adopt-A-Thon runs from noon-8 p.m. Saturday at the shelter on Harding Street. IACS needs to free up kennel space.

Adoptions are free.

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