Biden’s Afghanistan deadline nears



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  • The Terror Attack Aftermath

    The Afghanistan withdrawal is in a whole new context now, after a terror attack Thursday killed 13 US troops and left hundreds injured. CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down that context—you’ll hear where the mission stands, what the risks are, and how President Joe Biden is handling it all. Plus, the absurd calls for Biden’s resignation from some GOP lawmakers were classless.

  • A Deadly Day in Afghanistan

    Terrorist explosions outside of Kabul’s airport on Thursday killed 12 US service members and injured multiple more, as hundreds remain in the country awaiting evacuations. CNN National Correspondent Kristen Holmes details the latest developments since the explosion occurred. The circumstances have changed since President Biden announced the August 31 deadline…

  • Six Days Until Biden Deadline

    There are now only six days left until President Biden’s deadline that U.S. troops must be out of Afghanistan–the Taliban is demanding this too. CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down the new information we have about evacuations, including how many Americans are still in the country and the progress of the mission. Plus, two congressmen took it upon themselves to visit Afghanistan to assess the crisis firsthand.

  • Family Feud Over Infrastructure

    Democrats’ $3.5T budget resolution just passed through the House with the bipartisan infrastructure bill on deck–but it was no easy feat and there’s a long road ahead. CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses how the division between Democrats nearly derailed this key part of Biden’s agenda from passing. This is just the beginning of legislative headaches for Speaker Nancy Pelosi…

  • Inflection Point in Biden’s Presidency

    Between the Covid crisis and the US’ chaotic exit from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden has had a rough few weeks and the Democratic party is starting to get nervous. CNN Political Director David Chalian shares the good news and the bad news that Biden has for Americans on both issues. Plus, new polling shows Biden’s got his work cut out for him…

  • “We Will Get You Home”

    Afghanistan is front and center for the White House–President Joe Biden addressed the nation today for the third time this week. CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses how Biden attempted to provide some clarity on how the chaotic evacuation efforts are going. Plus, you’ll hear from CNN’s Clarissa Ward with heartbreaking details on the dire situation at the Kabul airport.

  • Federal Fumbles in Afghanistan

    President Joe Biden is under intense scrutiny for how his administration is handling the US’ chaotic exit from Afghanistan. CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down what’s of concern and why stories from his administration are different from the accounts on the ground. Despite the confusion and chaos over how the withdrawal is playing out, Biden tells ABC there was no way to avoid it… cue the criticism!

  • Biden Boosts the Booster Shot

    For months, President Biden said booster shots weren’t needed for vaccinated individuals – this is no longer true. CNN Political Director David Chalian explains the concerning factors behind the White House’s decision to start offering boosters in September. Plus, Biden is under heat for prioritizing booster shots over shipping shots to countries where people still need their first dose. 

  • Crisis in Afghanistan: What’s Happening Now?

    It seems like the U.S. Military has finally regained control of the situation at the Afghanistan airport… but where do things stand now? CNN Political Director David Chalian details the progress on evacuations and explains who’s most likely to get left behind. Although Biden officials aimed to quiet concerns and defend the President today, sources told CNN reporters that there’s more to the story.

  • Biden: “I Do Not Regret My Decision”

    The Taliban took control of Afghanistan and the Commander-in-Chief took to the East Room of the White House to address it today–CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down the highlights from that speech and the challenges Biden will face ahead. The images coming out of Afghanistan are not what a President wants to have to defend…