Mom suing state over mask mandate ban


COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT) – A Council Bluffs mom on Wednesday filed a lawsuit fighting the state’s ban on mask mandates.

Gov. Kim Reynolds, Director of Education Ann Lebo, and Iowa Department of Public Health Director Kelly Garcia were named in the lawsuit filed by Fran Parr in Polk County district court.

Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a law banning mask mandates in May. But Parr and other Iowa parents have been calling attention to the state’s ban on mask mandates, particularly after a school district delayed the start of classes because of an outbreak.

AHSTW Community Schools in southwestern Iowa said Monday it is delaying the start of school because of a COVID-19 outbreak amid the staff.

Nearly every state with a law banning mask mandates is now facing legal challenges. The latest lawsuit was filed Tuesday in South Carolina by the American Civil Liberties Union. On Wednesday, several Florida school districts moved forward with mask requirements anyway.

A spokesman for Reynolds’ office sent a statement to 6 News on Wednesday night:

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