Families discovering free school alternatives


DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – While state lawmakers continue to tackle funding and some schools struggle to develop online curriculums, some Texas students and their families are choosing a less common option through the Texas Virtual School Network.

Logan Lyn is heading back to school to do sixth grade online.

“I can actually work ahead on my schoolwork,” says Lyn.

His family says he cannot risk being around COVID-19 or being sent home for weeks at a time without seeing his teachers.

“By him being remote learning, and we know it’s for a whole year, there is stability,” says Lori Lyn who is glad her son enjoyed the experience last year.

The Lyns found the Texas Virtual School Network when they felt uncomfortable sending Logan back to fifth grade.

Logan attended i-University Prep.

It’s one of the state’s seven full-time public online schools operating again this school year.

Darren Lyn says it’s a positive which emerged from the very negative school experiences caused by COVID-19 for all students.

“iUniversity opened our eyes to the fact that there’s a pandemic going on, but he can get the best learning in the state and not have to worry about leaving his own home.”

Logan’s father is highly recommending the experience to other parents who have concerns about returning to in-person instruction.

According the Texas Virtual School Network website, all seven schools provide “full-time virtual instruction.”

The network is “fully accredited by the TEA” and is available free to students in grades 3 through 12 who “live anywhere in the state.”

The Lyns say Logan’s state test scores were “off the charts” so when given a choice about what to do this year, Logan did not hesitate.

“Here’s what I think and here’s what my decision was. I’m gonna stay virtual, because I just like doing it from home,” he said.

For more information on the Texas Virtual School Network, including eligibility and the individual campuses, click here.

Ginger Allen