Residents worry about sinkhole in Mott Park


A sink hole in the Mott park neighborhood of Flint is the most recent example of infrastructure problems in mid-Michigan.

Sinkhole and infrastructure

“It’s kind of infuriating, to be honest,” said Chia Morgan, a resident.

Nena Woodall is the president of the neighborhood association there.

“It’s something that you expect is going to happen because nothing has been done to prevent it. All they do is maintain it, so it runs. Not maintain it so it lasts,” Woodall said.

She said this is just a snapshot of a much larger issue.

“Our whole infrastructure needs to be redone. So that is part of the bigger problem,” Woodall said.

The sinkhole looks large, and it looks deep upon first glance, but once you get closer, you can see it continues underground with rushing water, making it incredibly dangerous for any person, especially child who walks nearby.

And children aren’t far away. Right across the street is playground equipment.

“It being by a park is an alarming thing. I have an eight-year-old and I always have to tell her, ‘no, that’s not for fun,’ but think about the children who are self-sufficient and can come to the park by themselves, or those who are maybe not self-sufficient, and mom and dad are gone for whatever reason,” Morgan said.

Morgan lives in the Mott Park neighborhood and said seeing something like this is frustrating.

“There should be funds here to make sure that if money is coming in to fix the pipes, that we have some money set aside to fix any problems that come with that. And those problems are corroding roads,” Morgan said.

Woodall said she contacted Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley and hopes the problem can be taken care of quickly before the hole gets larger.

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