3 boys lawncare business is booming


Business is booming for a new local lawncare service started by three local boys.

Business is booming for a new local lawncare service started by three local boys.

Marcus, Marcelino and Travell are the founders of the Three Amigos Lawn Service.

“Really, my brothers didn’t wanna do it. When they did the first house that we ever did, they started liking it, so we just kept doing it,” said Marcus Mcbride, a Saginaw 7th grader.

Three Amigos is a family business that began two months ago and is already busy.

The boys have mowed, edged, and raked in thousands of dollars.

“We got a lot of calls, messages, our Facebook page is blowing up!” Marcus Mcbride said.

One of those calls came from Brian Mitchell.

“Amazing to see young people embrace the entrepreneurship, and fulfilling their dreams, and also adding to the influx of you know black owned businesses and just creating their own legacy,” Mitchell said.

The Three Amigos have a standing appointment at Mitchell’s house to mow the lawn every two weeks, even if the lawnmowers and the weeds are as big as they are.

“I just be like dang, how was I supposed to do this, I can’t even reach the top,” said Travell Mcbride, a Saginaw 5th grader.

The Three Amigos hit about two lawns a day, and the learning curve was quick.

“How to weed wack, I learned how to leaf blow, I learned how to cut the grass, I learned how to edge,” said Marcelino Mcbride, a Saginaw 3rd grader.

With all the community support, they’ve bought new equipment and learned life skills along the way.

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