Cooking oil burns workers after food truck crash


Driver slams into food truck, injuring several workers

SPRING – The owner of a local food truck is now calling on the community for help after several of his employees were badly burned and injured after a pick-up truck slammed into their food truck after running a red light.

The crash happened Friday night after a driver of a pick-up truck ran a red at Airline Stuebner Road near Louetta Road. Surveillance video shows the pick-up truck crashing into the front driver’s side of the Main Chick food truck.

“It was a pretty horrific scene,” said owner Ali Nasser.

Nasser opened the Main Chick food truck during the pandemic. The food truck built an online following for chicken, made in many ways.

“Sandwiches, just as tenders, on top of fries,” Nasser.

However, Friday night, with several customers around, the pick-up truck crashed into the food truck.

“The driver passed a red light going a really high speed,” Nasser said. “Unfortunately, we were operating.”

Four employees were working inside during the crash. Hot frying oil harmed two of the employees. Another employee suffered back and neck injuries from the impact of the crash, and one of the two employees who was burned were pushed into the oil.


“On impact, [she[ shifted partially into the fryer to where she went back first, so that caused severe burns,” Nasser explained.

While the truck sustained damage from the crash, including visible dents, a propane tank went flying, and a flat tire. Nasser said the focus is now on helping his employees. He set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the employee’s recovery funds.

“From day one we’ve gotten a crazy amount of support, and it means the world to us,” Nasser said.

As of Monday evening, the page raised more than $9,000. Nasser said he hopes that other drivers will learn from this terrible crash.

“Whether it’s texting or driving, drinking or driving or blowing through red lights, this would have been avoidable if someone had been following the rules of the road,” Nasser said.


Main Chick should be operating within a few days.

“The biggest thing we’re worried about is our employees,” Nasser said.

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