Veterans come together to help one of their own


BONNIE, Ill (WSIL) — A Navy Veteran in Bonnie, Illinois got some much-needed work to his home, thanks to an alliance formed between the Disabled American Veterans, the Southern Illinois Veteran Service Organization and the Band of Brothers Motorcycle Club.

“Everyone out here is real passionate about what they do,” said Robert Galant, CEO of the Southern Illinois Veteran Service Organization. “We’re excited that DAV reached out to us and its an honor to work and be collaborated as one to help a veteran. The rest of the time I have on this earth I dedicate to helping my veterans.”

“Everyone, I don’t care who you are, at some point in your life, you need help,” said Kevin Johnson of DAV Chapter 28. “If you’re a veteran, that’s what our organizations does. We help veterans in any shape form or fashion that we can possibly do. Veterans are the most overlooked segment of society in America, everybody loves what the vets do but once they become a veteran, they’re off in the shadows and nobody thinks about them anymore.”

“Basically the Band of Brothers ride in honor of our KIA, MIA, POW Veterans who never returned home,” explains “Mouth”, Band of Brothers Alpha Company President. “What we’re really all about is

helping our veterans in need that are out here struggling and need help. This veteran served 15-16 years in the Navy and that’s why we’re here.

We got strong backs and it there’s a veteran in need, we’ll break our backs for him.”