Man charged after woman frees herself from noose


Kansasville man charged after woman frees herself from noose he allegedly put her in

KANSASVILLE — A woman reportedly broke free from a noose in the basement of a home after a man tried to hang her Wednesday evening; she reportedly was trying to support him emotionally days after his release from jail.

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A criminal complaint details the man displaying erratic mood swings after ingesting cocaine and alcohol. Moments after he had been crying, the complaint said, the man allegedly began punching himself and the woman before trying to kill her.

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R. Carter

The man — Ryan Lee Carter, 38, of the 3000 block of South Beaumont Avenue — has been charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide, aggravated battery, false imprisonment, attempted strangulation/suffocation, six counts of misdemeanor bail jumping and disorderly conduct.

According to a criminal complaint:

Carter had gotten out of jail on June 1, facing charges for misdemeanor battery, disorderly conduct and possession of cocaine.

On Tuesday evening, the woman said she went to Carter’s home in Kansasville and later fell asleep. As she slept, he allegedly went to a gas station with her debit card and made ATM withdrawals totaling $305 without her permission. He then allegedly called his drug dealer and bought cocaine.

The next day, after Carter made the woman purchase vodka, he drank half the bottle, then began crying.

Then, the complaint states: “(The woman) sat with Carter and they talked while Carter cried. After talking for a few minutes, (the woman) claims Carter became very angry and began punching himself in the head and face and punching items inside the residence. Carter then demanded that (she) drink the vodka. When (she) refused, Carter forced her to the ground, got on top of her and forced her to drink vodka by pouring it into her mouth. During this struggle, (the woman) claims Carter also punched her in the shoulder and chest.

“Carter then went into the basement. (The woman) followed and saw two electrical cords, formed into nooses, hanging from the ceiling. (She) attempted to run back upstairs but Carter grabbed her … and dragged her back into the basement.”

Carter, according to the complaint, is 6-foot-5 and weighs 280 pounds.

Then, according to the complaint, the woman said that “Carter forced her to stand on a box and forced her head into the noose. Carter then kicked the box out from under (the woman). (She) estimated she hung for approximately 30 seconds. (The woman) stated she believes Carter then started to regret what he had done and reapproached (the woman). As Carter got close, she was able to wrap her legs around his waist and free herself from the noose. (The woman) then ran upstairs,” and called for help.

A linear red mark was observed on the woman’s neck by deputies. A broken cord from a vacuum cleaner was found hanging from the basement ceiling, deputies reported.

When deputies arrived at the house, after receiving a call from the woman’s mother, they reported finding the woman sitting in the front yard and Carter being “agitated and yelling at deputies … yelling that he did nothing wrong and that everything (the woman) was saying was a lie.”

During a hearing Thursday in Racine County Circuit Court, a cash bond was set at $100,000.