Families cool off at state parks during heat wave


(WFSB) – Even with much of the state in the nineties, families headed out in full force to enjoy the sunny day, especially at our state parks.

Some of them closed early because of crowds.

Some families were out all day, mostly to beat traffic and ensure they could enjoy the state park of choice.

Every sunny day we get, fire departments, like Rocky Hill, are expecting crowds like today.

Laughs and splashes were just a few of the sounds heard all day today at the beach area in Wadsworth Falls State Park.

Brandon Rivera says they wanted to make up for the rainy Memorial Day weekend.

Also, for the many months stuck at home during the pandemic.

“I like to take the kids out once in a while so we can get adapted to stuff, just get them out, not be at home like we’ve been for a whole year,” Rivera tells us.

But most importantly, everyone there was cooling off from the heat.

“It’s pretty hot today. It’s almost ninety, so being able to go in the water, it’s pretty nice, to be able to cool off and refresh and stuff,” Plainfield resident Bill Derby says.

While coming to your favorite state park to cool off during the heat wave is a good idea.

Just a reminder, a lot of people are thinking the same thing.

Just today, DEEP reported at least two state parks closed early, because of full parking lots.

Douglas Clarke with the Rocky Hill Fire Department says during days like today, you should be mindful when you go outside, saying 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. is when you have the highest heat and humidity.

If you are outside during those hours, find or make shade to avoid the sun, wear sunscreen, and, of course, stay hydrated.

He adds older people and children are most at risk for things like heat stroke and exhaustion.

“Make sure they’re taken care of. If they have family or friends in the neighborhood or elsewhere, check on them. Call up and help remind them of the things they need to do to stay safe and healthy,” Clarke said.

Some other tips are keeping your blinds drawn on the sunny side of your house.

Also, wear loose fitting clothing.

You can also call 211 to find your local cooling center if they’re open.