Tig Notaro is ‘sexy A.F.’ She doesn’t know what that is


(CNN)When the “Army of the Dead” trailer dropped last week, fans were quick to notice how sexy comedian Tig Notaro looked in the preview.

She quickly started trending, with friends texting her to alert her that people were labeling her “sexy A.F.” She was also trending under #HotTig.

Notaro appeared on “The Tonight Show,” saying she was initially baffled as to what that meant.

    “My friends were texting me images of Twitter, like ‘You’re trending for being badass and sexy AF.’ And I was like, ‘What is that?'” she told Fallon.

      Actress Meredith Salenger, who is married to Patton Oswalt, tweeted about the trailer, writing, “Look, I don’t wanna be weird because she’s a friend of mine and I love her wife Stephanie… but dear Lord… how hot is @TigNotaro!?! @pattonoswalt I’m sorry. I’m very smitten at the moment. #hotTig”

        Once she understood, she joked, it immediately went to her head.

        “So much has changed, Jimmy,” she said about her life now “It’s really been nuts around here since I was trending for being ‘sexy AF.'”

          She kept reminding Fallon she is “sexy A.F.” no matter what he asked.

            Despite her new rep, Notaro, who plays Marianne Peters in the Zack Snyder film, told Fallon she didn’t really do much to prepare for the role.

            “If I’m completely honest, I don’t,” she said. “My preparation is, I learn my lines to the best of my ability.” As he flashed Notaro’s still from “Army of the Dead,” Fallon joked, “Well, when you show up and you do something like this, you don’t need any lines.”