Golf odds: Will the Masters be decided in a playoff? One bettor put five figures on it


To most, BetMGM’s Masters props are fun. Maybe throw a few bucks on whether there will be a hole-in-one and have some action for four days. 

One bettor is taking a specific prop at BetMGM a little more seriously than that. 

BetMGM took an $11,000 bet on whether the Masters would end in a playoff. It would pay $38,500, according to BetMGM data analyst John Ewing

That’ll be a fun sweat. 

Will there be a playoff? 

If two or more golfers are tied at the Masters after 72 holes, there is a sudden-death playoff. The tied golfers will play the 18th hole again, then the 10th if needed, and alternate between those two holes until someone wins. 

The history of a playoff in the Masters is a little more sparse than you might assume. With so many golfers teeing off in a tournament, you’d think two or more would tie at the end more often. 

There have been 11 playoffs since the sudden-death format was introduced in 1976. Before that, the Masters used an 18-hole playoff like the other majors. In 45 years since that was adopted the Masters has gone to sudden death about one of every four times (only three times has it been held with more than two golfers). The last one was 2017, when Sergio García defeated Justin Rose. 

The +350 odds mean there’s implied odds of about 22.2 percent of a playoff happening. If the Masters is tight late, at least one bettor will be hoping for some extra holes of golf. 

Dustin Johnson tees off on the 18th hole of the Masters last year. The 18th hole is where the Masters’ sudden-death playoff begins. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

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