Racist incident rocks restaurant


CADOTT, Wis. (WEAU) – On March 17, a customer caused a scene using racial slurs before not paying her bill at Cadott Family Restaurant.

Alisia Alipio was working as a hostess that day when the woman walked in and sat herself at a table. With that section’s normal server busy, Alipio stepped in and took her order.

“She sat herself so I grabbed a menu, went to her table, asked her if she wanted anything to drink, if I could get anything for her. She said she wanted a water with lemon and then she proceeded to give me her order,” Alipio said.

After taking the woman’s order, she handed the table off to the section’s assigned server. That’s when the server said the woman called Alipio several names including a racial slur.

That’s not the only mark the unknown customer left. Employees said she poured water and dumped salt on the table before leaving.

“It hurt,” Alipio said. “It bothered me. But at the end of the day, like, I can’t control what people say or what they do so I just do my best to not let it cause a reaction.”

The woman also didn’t pay her. She instead wrote “You don’t give good service” on the check.

The restaurant’s owner, Tim Besiri, was out of town when the incident happened.

“We took it really really hard because that’s one of our family members,” he said.

A lot of his anger has turned to pride as the community’s rallied behind the restaurant.

“Just the support this community does have, it’s unbelievable,” Besiri said. “I expected it but when it does happen it really makes you proud.”

He said he’s gotten letters of support from as far as Minnesota.

What really wants, though, is the woman to apologize.

“Especially to Alisia and our staff,” Besiri said. “And hopefully this changes that person’s mind and she reflects that what she did hurt somebody, not just one person but it hurt the community too.”

“I would just want her to pay her bill and just apologize. That’s really all I’d want,” Alipio said.

Cadott Police say it’s investigating the incident.

In a Facebook post, the department called the incident “a disgusting scene.”

“This is not only theft and disorderly conduct, but it is also shameful on both the woman who did it and our community as a whole,” the department said in the post.

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