The tastiest snack subscription boxes for any craving


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We may have been taught to eat three square meals a day, but we just can’t imagine 24 hours going by without a snack break. And whether you crave sugar, salt or both, or following a dietary plan or love the idea of a unique treat breaking up your afternoon slump, there’s a subscription snack service that will keep your emergency food drawer properly stocked.

We searched high and low for the tastiest boxes that offer a little bit of everything. Love Japanese, Mexican or Russian culture? Eating keto or vegan and struggling for good options? Have a hankering for all things jerky? Read on for details on our faves. While you’re here, check out our nutritionist-approved snack ideas and keto-friendly snack ideas too.

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Sweeten things up by bringing a taste of Mexico to your doorstep with this subscription service chock full of authentic Mexican candies and snacks. Snag up to 1 pound of candy (10 to 15 items) with the “Liker” box, up to 3 pounds (22 t0 30 items) with the “Lovers” box or opt for an extra-large “Kings” box brimming with treats.

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Bring a little of the Asian nation home to you with a monthly delivery of Japanese snacks, teas and candies. Each themed, curated box contains 20 to 24 items (think Buddha gummies, red snapper cheese crackers, handmade yuzu sake candy, red bean doughnuts and organic teas. Choose from monthly, three-month, six-month and 12-month plans. Oh, and shipping from Japan is free. Check out our full review of Bokksu here.

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If healthier eating is on your menu, you’ll love receiving a monthly box from this service that offers four snack plans: classic, gluten-free, vegan and both vegan and gluten-free. With 11 to 15 snacks packed inside, past boxes have included Sweet Chaos peppermint crunch popcorn, Clif Bar dark chocolate mocha bars and Siete tortilla chips. Healthy suddenly sounds delicious.

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World Ramens

Is ramen a staple in your snack routine? Step things up a notch with this unique subscription service that sends a box filled with high-end noodles, from udon to buckwheat to air-dried, right to your door. Broths have included spicy seafood, miso and shoyu, just to name a few. Looking for the perfect gift for a college student? Buy — and slurp — away!

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Japan Crate

Another subscription service featuring goodies from Japan, this service curates boxes filled with a variety of items. Snack styles include the original with 10 candies and a DIY kit, while the umai crate features Japanese instant noodles. If past offerings like apple Coca Cola, a sparkling strawberry wine KitKat or an Iron Boss energy drink intrigue you, it’s time to sign up.

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Jerky Subscription

Keto dieters, meat lovers and CrossFit enthusiasts, rejoice! This subscription service will keep you well-stocked in unique jerky flavors from craft jerky brands, with all items containing less than 5 grams of sugar per serving. Sizes include two, four, six or eight bags and past boxes have included filet mignon, habanero buffalo sauce, Korean barbecue, sriracha-style barbecue and orange teriyaki. Perfect to toss in your gym bag for a post-workout treat.

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The Russia Box

Whether you’re of Russian descent or are just fascinated by all things Soviet, this box, filled with authentic Eastern European snacks, will ease your hunger while bringing a little of the nation’s culture home to you. Packed with one to two large items and five to 10 small or medium items, each box also includes one cultural item (think crafts, games, souvenirs, etc.). Large items might be tea, jam, Turkish delights, cookies or crackers. Small or mediums items could be chocolate bars, gummies, nougats or wafers. Nostrovia!

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Not into the regular vending machine or gas station snack picks? Stay stocked on premium, artisanal treats with this subscription service that helps make snack time feel special. Filled with healthier products (like no added chemicals), you’ll be munching on food like maple pecans, dried mango, habanero jerky or mint chocolate energy bars.

Buying for the office? Sizes range from 15 snacks per box to 150. You’ll also feel good knowing that for each box delivered, SnackNation donates a meal to to a hungry family through a partnership with Feeding America. A win-win.

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Kernel Crate

In our mind, there’s no such thing as eating too much popcorn. Whether it’s break time, movie time or, frankly, dinner time, get your munch on with this subscription that sends you three, 3-ounce unique flavors each month. Tree nut-, peanut- and gluten-free, and popped fresh days before its shipped out, flavors have included cinnamon roll, horchata, ghost pepper kettle corn and pickle. Popcorn junkies, this one’s for you.

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Bunny James Box

Whether you’re eating keto, paleo, vegan or gluten-free, Bunny James has a snack box with your name on it. Each option includes seven snacks from trusted brands that will help curb your appetite without sacrificing your eating plan. Past keto-themed boxes have included lupini beans, cheddar protein puffs, keto cookies and almond butter.

Paleo subscribers have enjoyed chia squeezes, dry-roasted pumpkin seeds, pistachios and coconut chips. In recent vegan boxes? Protein cookies, toaster pastries and vegan jerky. And for the gluten-free vegan? Grain-free puffs, nacho bean chips, dairy-free cheddar chips and plant protein bars are just a few offerings that have landed in recent boxes.

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Vegans may find it difficult to find snacks on the run, so take the guesswork out of what to eat when hunger pangs strike with this family-friendly box that contains 10-plus items specially curated for plant-based eaters. From oatmeal and protein bars to chips and puffs to noodle soup and hot sauce to hot cocoa and seltzer, it’s a fun (and yummy) way to discover new vegan products.

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Jerky Snob

When the 4 p.m. snack attack hits, do you find yourself reaching for something savory? You may want to plan ahead by ordering this subscription service that includes at least two bags of high-quallity jerky (sometimes a jerky stick will also make its way into the box). Meats have included pork, turkey, wild boar and elk, with flavors such as orange teriyaki, umami and garlic ginger. With no MSG, nitrates or high fructose corn syrup they’re keto and paleo diet — and tastebud — approved.