‘American Idol’ contestant faints following performance


(CNN)This week’s “American Idol” episode was showstopping, but not because of the performances.

Contestants Ronda Felton and Funke Lagoke took to the stage to perform a duet of “Tell Him,” originally recorded by Barbra Streisand.

While judge Lionel Richie was giving his feedback to the contestants, Lagoke fainted, hitting her face on the stage.

    The judges immediately rushed to her aide and subsequently, EMTs arrived. Lagoke was taken out in a stretcher and put in an ambulance.

      Season 19 of the hit singing competition show stars Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Richie as judges.

          The show later explained to viewers with a title card that Lagoke was OK and that dehydration was the cause.

          “Funke was treated for dehydration and released from the hospital. She will return for the showstopper round.”